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Axtel is a Europe-based, global brand specializing in the manufacturing of professional headsets delivering communication solutions dedicated to call centers and office industry.

Professional Headsets.

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5 reasons companies opt for Axtel

1 Extensive experience

Axtel Headsets has just recently celebrated its 16 year anniversary and continues to strive forexcellency in their efforts of establishing themselves as a globally recognized brand.

2 Europeans standards

Our products are manufactured in Europe, and we place great emphasis on closely monitoring the production process to ensure the highest quality possible.

3 High quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality is vital in all that we do. We make an active effort to maintain high-quality standards throughout the design and manufacture process.

4 Collaboration

The collective objective of Axtel has always been to provide reliable products that fully support each user in the conducting of their business affairs.

5 Our partnerships

Axtel works alongside strategic alliance partners in order to ensure that our products are easy to deploy and fully compatible with the great majority of their solutions.

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Professional Headsets

- Unified communications


Flawless performance with every call

Voice UC40 is a Unified Communications headset dedicated to everyday communication. It is made of high quality materials and comfort of use is guaranteed even during long-hour use, thanks to its construction and ease of regulation, allowing users to adjust it accordingly to their needs.

The Voice UC40 will check perfectly whether you work remotely or in a busy office. Moreover, due to its additional features, not only will it provide a lifelike conversation experience, but will also guarantee excellent music playback.

- Unified communications

Prime MS HD duo NC USB

Suitable for a variety of workplace environments

The multifunctional character of Prime MS headsets allows effortless communication by ensuring a real-time conversation experience Axtel PRIME MS is dedicated to all companies that value effective communication.

The improved noise reduction and wide-range, clear HD sound guarantees perfect quality of every call. DSP and Acoustic Protection technology along with advanced noise reduction.

- Unified communications

Elite HDvoice MS HD duo NC USB

The Elite MS is designed with care for every single detail

The outstanding sound quality, intuitive USB connection and Plug&Play functionality make business communication easy, taking it to a higher level. All headsets in the Axtel Elite MS series provide crystal clear sound quality for excellent audibility.

The microphones are equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology, making the Elite MS headsets suitable for even the loudest contact center environments.

- Professional

VOICE 40 HD duo NC

Crystal Clear Audio in Every Environment

The Axtel VOICE QD is a series of professional business headsets suitable for every work environment, including even the most challenging and loudest office spaces.

Thanks to a universal QD plug that allows an easy and stable connection with various devices, the Axtel VOICE QD Series works with both desk and mobile phones, as well as PCs. Crystal clear sound quality and comfort are key to staff productivity, particularly for organizations that depend on effective and frequent communication for success.

- Direct


Crystal Clear Stereo Sound In Any Environment

The Axtel VOICE USB are direct headsets designed for every type of work environment, including even the most challenging and noisiest workspaces.

Depending on an individual’s specific needs, the VOICE headset is equipped with a universal USB plug that enables integration with softphones as well as whole Plug & Play technology that ensures systems identify the headset immediately.


AX-FHD Webcam

Small Device – Large Opportunities

The AX-FHD Webcam is a top shelf professional webcam designed to allow high quality video calls no matter the type of work environment.

For the AX-FHD Webcam small size and high quality go hand in hand, as it guarantees excellent image resolution with 1080p Full HD transmission with autofocus and Auto White Balance. Excellent noise-cancelling microphone allows your audience to enjoy clear communication, whether it is a short exchange of ideas or a long presentation.

Equipped with a USB cable and the Plug&Play feature, it will easily connect to various devices.

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